Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree that is offered in various streams of humanities like philosophy, sociology, psychology and others. It is one of the traditional courses of India that students opt with great interest. Pursuing this program in any of the art fields broadens the career opportunity of the students to have a bright and flourishing life. After this course a student can work as an Economist, Archaeologist, Philosopher, Historian, Social Activist, Public Relation Executive, Educationist, Psychologist, Sociologist, and Journalist and so on.

Eligibility — Student who has successfully completed his/her bachelor degree in any discipline from any college or university can opt this course.

Archaeology Courses

World’s leading archaeological researchers can help you to learn about a full range of theoretical, analytical and field methods. One of the most distinctive aspects of archaeology is to reconstruct the rich diversity of past cultures in their daily lives. Archaeology is having some important branches such as Numismatics, epigraphy, archives and musicology etc. Applied Sciences, Theory and Methods in Archaeology, Protohistory, Art, Musicology, Chemical Preservation, Antiquarian Laws etc. are some of the subjects covered in Archaeology.
The course contains detailed study of illustrated manuscripts, fossils, inscriptions and coins. This process can take several years or months or days for which you need to spend several days at laboratories and excavation sites, working on projects. You will also have the opportunity to follow your interest’s in particular chronological periods, geographical areas or special fields of study. There are many job opportunities which are as follows:-
• College Professor
• Computer specialist in Archaeology
• Cultural Resource Lawyer
• Editor
• Field Supervisor
• Field Technician
• Geo-archaeologist
• GIS Specialist

After graduation one can opt for a Post graduate Diploma or Degree course in Archaeology. Graduates in History in any stream with an aggregate of 55% marks can apply for this course. Duration of these courses may vary from 1 year to 2 years. Admission to the two year Post Graduate Diploma course at the Institute of Archaeology, the academic wing of the Archeological Survey of India in New Delhi, is on the basis of a written exam and an interview.

Creative Writing Courses

Well Creative Writing is any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal journalistic, professional, Academic or Technical forms of literature, typically identified by an importance on character development, narrative craft and the use of literary tropes. They fall under journalism because the content of featured is specially focused on Character development and Narrative. Both fictional and non-fictional works fall in to this category, such as Short stories, Biography, Novels or Poems. In this Academic Setting, Creative Writing is typically separated in to fiction and poetry classes.
In this sense, Creative Writing is more contemporary and process-oriented. Those candidate who loves creative writing programs goes for the academic worth of the creative writing experience. Creative writing helps the Students abilities to clearly express their though. Creative writing also helps in-depth study of literary terms and mechanism.
Creative Writing is an artistic pursuit and we all know that a career in the art’s isn’t easy to come by, It takes hard work, a whole lot of spirit, dedication, drive and often a willingness to take big financial risks. Journalist and novelist is a great career option. There are many job opportunities like:-

1. Novelist
2. Screenwriter
3. Songwriter
4. Advertising (Creative)
5. Freelance Short Fiction Writer
6. Creative Writing Instructor
7. Comic Book Writer
8. Creativity Coach
9. Video Game Writer (includes storytelling/fiction!)

For degree or post graduate diploma courses in creative writing one should have completed his/her graduation in any discipline.

Economics Courses

Candidates who opted economics locate employment in national and multi-national enterprise, unions, financial institutions, and all levels of agribusiness and government. Economists can go in marketing research, cost analysis, strategic pricing, statistical forecasting and the evaluation of social programs. Candidates who are interested in economics may opt degree in Economics. The degree in Economics requires smaller quantity of business courses, allowing greater opportunity to study economics as a social science. Economics is a wide-ranging business degree. It’s very useful in the business world, and is vastly recruited because of the knack students have to solve multifarious problems that have much interaction to business. There are many job options after this course:-
• Venture capital.
• Investment banking.
• Finance.
• Sales.
• Administration.
• Journalism.
• Government jobs.
• Government agencies.
• Retailing industries.
• Communications.

For degree or post graduate diploma courses in Economics one should have completed his/her graduation in any discipline.

• Welfare Economics.
• Welfare Economics.
• Econometrics.
• Financial Economics.
• Labor Economics.
• Agricultural Economics.
• Rural economics and Rural Development.
• Business Economics.

English Courses

English is required in almost all the fields even in the Non-English speaking countries. Most of the job sectors in many countries like Singapore, India, and Philippines require English totally. In other Non-English speaking countries in the world where English is only a foreign language, the prevalence of this language is increasing day by day and can get a very good job opportunity. English plays a very important role in the production of resources for the development of curriculum, teaching guides, word lists and course materials, delivering materials of practical use of learners, indeed and teachers involved in language learning. In many Indian states, English has been accepted as the second major medium of instruction in colleges and schools after one’s regional language.
An English graduate as a beginner can work in mass communication firms, government agencies, research institutes, entertainment and in public relations or can work as a tourist guides in travel agencies or can be self employed. English graduate can work as a teacher in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Here are some more option for the students after completing English.
Research Scholars: Highly Education and further studies require the knowledge of English Language. Several scientific documents written by research scholars across the world are in English.
Aviation or Navigation Sector: All jobs in the navigation and aviation sector across the world utilizes as the official medium of communication. People aspiring to obtain jobs in these sectors are required to write and speak English Well.
BPO Sector: BPO’s have become very popular in the Asian countries. Since the BPO professionals are required to interact with English speakers, it becomes quite important to have a good command over English Language.
Hospitality Industry: English has become the essential communication language between International and local tourists. Well spoken English is very important for the tourism industry since it is expanding at a rapid swiftness.
Employees of MNC’s: Knowledge of English language is very important in today’s corporate world and professionals. Working in MNC does certainly require good written and oral communication skill in English. The main official communication language used between offices across the globe in English Language.

For degree or post graduate diploma courses in creative writing one should have completed his/her graduation in any discipline.

Fine Arts Courses

Fine arts degree deals with an area of specialty such as acting, musical theatre, ceramics, computer animation, creative writing, dramatic writing, film production, visual effect, graphic design, illustration, visual arts, interior design, metalworking, new media, music, photography, printmaking, stage management, painting or television production and many more. Well programs are planned to teach students about what to expect from their chosen profession, how to deal with economics, social and psychological demand and how to adjust life as an artist. Coursework is accurate to allow maximum skill development and classes are designed to teach critical and creative thinking. One can be self-employer can find employment in advertising agencies, textile, book publishers and media houses. An artist may find his position in electronic media, films and theatre production which regularly require newly designed sets for their studios. Candidates after this field can also go for Museum jobs. Sculptors can engage in furniture designing, painters and print makers may do freelance design work. Here are the few more jobs have been given which you can go for after completing Fine Arts:

• Painting
• Ceramics
• Sculpture
• Printmaking
• Photography
• Drawing Commercial Design

Candidates or Students must have passed graduation in any stream from a reputed college can apply for degree courses or Post Graduate Diploma courses in Fine Arts.

Geography & Geology Courses

Geography is the study of different Factors, such as Land Utilization, Climate, Population, Vegetation, Soil and Industry across the world. Geography Consist of 2 Branches, such as: Human Geography and Physical Geography. It also known as Physiographic or Geo-systems. Geography literally means to describe or write about the earth, its findings, its history etc. The People who are specialized in this Field are called Geographers. Geographers are scientist studying Physical details of the Earth and its environment, its features, its nature and Processes of the Earth and to understand the past History of our Planet in order to visualize the processes of the Past and the Future. A professional Geographer has multiple options in career. Geographer can work in government department or research institutes as cartographer, urban and regional planner or can work in several private sector organizations. One can join NGO’s and other development agencies engaged in population, environmental issue and rural development. Teaching and Coaching can also be a profession. Some other options for the students are:
• Emergency Management Officer
• Park Ranger/interpreter
• Environmental Quality Specialist
• Waste Management Specialist
• Environmental Impact Specialist
• Remote Sensing Specialist
• Traditional Cartography
• Historical/Culture
• Cultural Resource Specialist
• Historic Preservation Planner
• Interpretive Specialist
• City-Regional Planning
• Housing Specialist
• Convention and Tourism Specialist
• Community Development Specialists
• Demographic Analysts

One must complete his/her graduation in any discipline for degree or post graduate diploma courses in Geography and Geology.

History Courses

History is slowly and gradually becoming a much more popular subject in India. History is a subject that deals with recording past events and the interpreting as well as analyzing them. History helps in understanding the human civilization and the earlier cultures of the society. History is a very enriching experience since it enables one to study as well as research on major cultural economic and social events that occurred in the past. After studying the History subject, the history graduates learn several skills that help them acquire jobs in almost any organization dealing in history.
Students should have good written and oral communication skills along with good research skills. The opportunity for a history graduate is expected to broaden dramatically, if one has a master’s or a doctorate. Quite often education institution, business firms or government organizations also recruit history graduates. History graduates can opt for a career in research or can also work with government agencies, departments, policy analysts, evaluators, local historian and planners or can be a cultural historic preservation and resource manager, Information Officer, Archivist, Genealogist, Records Manager, Gallery or museum curator and Librarian. The other careers include newspaper and broadcast journalists. You can also choose following career options:

• Archivists Careers
• Education Careers
• Attorney Careers
• Museum Curator Careers
• Media and Journalism Careers

One can go for post graduate diploma or degree courses in History after completion of his/her graduation. Graduate in any stream can apply for diploma, post graduate diploma or post graduation in different fields of History.

Philosophy Courses

Philosophy is fulfilled with subjects such as logic, politics, ethics and religion. Philosophy studies help one to understand many existing issues. Philosophy includes subjects such as politics, history, sociology and literature. It develops a whole new thought process within the students. A person who specializes in philosophy is called as Philosopher. Philosophy is the study of problems and solutions related to human survival. Philosophy graduates can join non-profit sectors, education, business as well as government sectors. The future career opportunity for a philosophy graduate depends on their interest level, work experience and skills gained over the years. They can also find job opportunity in the following sector such as student’s affairs, journalism, public service, diplomacy, research, law and Insurance etc. Students who have done research on philosophy can opt for teaching jobs in colleges, in institutes or in universities. Philosophy graduates can also work as advisors, clergy person survey, lobbyist, and specialist in HR, consultant, interviewer etc. some of other job opportunities are as follows:-

• Human Resources Officer Information
• Administration in Local or Central Government
• Charities Administrator
• Insurance Underwriter
• Solicitor
• Marketing Manager
• Journalist
• IT consultant
• Social Worker

Candidates who is looking for degree or post graduate diploma courses in Philosophy one must have completed his/her graduation from a recognized university.

Politics Courses in India

Well Politics is the study of Political Values, Processes, Institutions and Policies. It seeks to understand the underlying ways in which Authority, Power, Constitution, Rules and Laws affect our lives. This subject prepares one for life as an informed citizen, ready to participate in political activities within interest group or political parties, related to community organization and political advocacy or even service as an elected or appointed official.
After studying this course you will understand politics, whether it is domestic or international or a combination of both. Political Science helps you to develop reasoning and analytic skills, and to arrive at decision based on the analysis and synthesis of information and data, build ability in Written and Oral Expression, Research and assessment skills. Politics affects every aspect of our lives, jobs, including the availability of education, healthcare and housing. Whether countries are at war or at peace depends both on what government do and who supports them is totally based on Politics. The Demand for political sciences research is growing because of increasing interest in politics, public policy and foreign affairs, including environmental and social policy issues, immigration and healthcare. After completing this degree, the candidates can go in :- Policy Making and Administration in which they can use their basic political training to make more informed policy decision and administer programs more effective and more Imaginatively. Here are some more options for the students who can choose the job after completing this course, such as:
• Public Planning
• Analysis
• City planner
• Diplomacy
• Executive Advisor
• Diplomat
• Public Affairs
• Translator with a Foreign Envoy
• Intelligence Expert
• Archivist
• International Relation/International Affairs
• Social Policy

Student must have passed their graduation in any stream from any recognized university to get degree or post graduate diploma course in Philosophy.

Psychology Courses

Psychology deals with an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental function and behavior. Psychology has the immediate goal of understanding individual and groups which aims to benefit society. In this field, the practitioner called as psychologist. Psychologist attempt to understand the role of mental function and social behavior. Psychologist explore concept such as attention, emotion, motivation, personality, cognition, perception, behavior and brain functioning. Subject which are generally studied under this degree are statistics, psychological psychology, abnormal psychology, psychology testing, research method & social psychology, organization psychology, industrial psychology, child and adolescent psychology etc.
After completing this degree there are many scope the students will get to be in:
• Forensic Psychologist
• Clinical Psychologist
• Child support specialist
• Human resources assistant
• Health Educator
• Child care worker
• Neuropsychologist
• Rehabilitation Specialist
• Public statistician
• Caregiver
• Community Relation Officer
• Industrial-organization Psychologist

One should have completed his/her graduation in any stream from a recognized college of the country for Post Graduate Diploma or degree course in Psychology.

Sociology Courses

Social Science has proper observation and analysis method for refining and developing the knowledge associated with Social Activity and Organization. Sociology works out in respect of both methodology and subject matter. It is focused on Social relations, culture and deviance, social interaction, social Stratification and its approaches have included both quantitative and qualitative research Technique.
Social Science is the Study which includes academic Discipline concerned with the study of social life which includes communication studies, Political Science, Anthropology, History, Geography, Psychology and Sociology. Social Science plays the vital role in understanding of social reality. You can get jobs like: Clinical Social Work, Medical Social Work, Psychiatric Social Work, School Social Work, Criminology and Correctional Social Work, Community Organization, Research and Industrial Social Work.

Students should have completed graduation from a recognized college or university for degree courses or Post Graduate diploma courses in Sociology Social Science and Social Work.

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