Education is the best key to have success in life. In today’s time a person is having respect who is having ample knowledge, which helps them to get their career objectives in the best possible manner. It is really important for a student who is going in class 11 to decide which stream is to be selected, where is his/her interest, which course is beneficial in terms of jobs and all. It often happens that after Class X board exams, students are left clueless and confused about the streams they must select. The main need is to get a good counseling by which a child can easily decide his own stream himself/herself. There are Main Streams to select:-

Science: This field is related to Medical studies and Engineering, with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. By taking science stream in class 11, students get many career opportunities. In science stream, students get option to their preferred subject combination. The subjects for class 11 science are English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physical Education, Economics, Painting subjects etc.

Commerce: Commerce is a popular subject among students especially for those, who wants to pursue career in banking, trade and business domains.This stream is related to trade, commerce, business and financial marketing. If you have a strong mathematics and financial abilities, Commerce is best for you. The subjects which are offered in this stream are English, Maths, Business Studies, Accounts, Economics, Multimedia, Psychology, Painting, Physical Education, etc.

Humanities/Arts: Art is an imperative subject and also creative in all aspects. This stream is the widest of all, and is related to education in subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, languages, Anthropology, Human Resources, journalism etc and many more. Creativity, designing, interpretation, discussion is what arts stream offers in its varied range of subjects.

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